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Effective Marketing Asset

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Any Vehicle, Any Size

  • Basic Decals

    We'll print customized logos, images & photos, Solid color vinyl cut text letters and anything you require, to make your vehicle stand out.

    Price ranging from: $350 - $550

  • Logos & Lettering

    We can signwrite on your vehicle or van with logos & contact details, for giving a professional image to your clients.

    Price ranging from: $550 - $750

  • 1/4 WRAP

    Our 1/4 coverage wraps are ideal for those who are looking for simplicity and cost savings associated with a smaller 1/4 coverage.

    We always ensure to talk to you first about your budget.

  • 1/2 WRAP

    Don't need a full wrap, but would like some of your panels and bodyworks wrapped? or just need small amount of areas wrapped with specialist vinyl?
    1/2 wrap is ideal for you.

  • 3/4 WRAP

    Our 3/4 wraps have been a long time favourite. Depending on your needs and requirements, your business will sure get noticed!

  • Maximize Your Vehicle as a Marketing Asset!

    Full wrap on your entire vehicle using only x-scape bubble-free material. Top quality printing for all your design needs including logos, contact details, texts, photos and many more. Maximize your advertising value and make your vehicle stand out!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long does the process take?

The part of the process that we like spending the majority of time is the development of the concept that will go on the vehicle. The length of this depends directly on how much direction you already have for the graphics. After the graphics stage is finalized and we enter production it takes between 3 to 7 days to have the wrap fully installed.

Can the wrap be removed later?

Absolutely. The wrap is actually stacked to the vehicle using heat and pressure-sensitive adhesives that can be reactivated by our installers. The removal process is very short

How long will the wrap stay on my vehicle?

Normally, a wrap can stay between 3 to 5 years on the vehicle depending on the treatment that is given to it.

Can I pressure wash my vehicle after the vinyl is installed?

We highly recommend NOT to pressure wash the vehicle after installation of the vinyl. Some pressure washers can potentially lift up the vinyl because of improper use of the water pressure. The wrap is an investment to your marketing and advertising strategy and thus it should be protected. We recommend touchless vehicle wash

Do I have to wash my vehicle before installation?

Yes, All vehicles have to be free of dust, mud, pollen, and other agents that may slow down the installation process, please note don't wax your car after washing for wrap as it will affect the installation process.

How long do you need my vehicle for installation

Installation normally takes between two to three days depending on how much coverage has to be applied

Can you come up with the graphics?

Absolutely, That is in fact our strength. Our customers communicate to us what they want in the wrap. Then they supply us with their logos, photos, and other supporting images, and we then create the graphics in a format that best fits the vehicle. Most commonly our clients have photos or images from their business that they want on the wrap and we can use them (High Resolution Pictures). There are other cases in which our clients can choose from the website of FOTOLIA.COM photos for their campaign.

Will it damage my paint?

No. The material used actually protects your paint-job from minor scratches

How much does it cost?

Every project has its own set of variables. We have developed a small "no-obligation" form that will help us provide you with a more accurate quotation. Pricing is directly linked with coverage and types of vinyl used.

My business keeps me very busy and I cannot come and meet you too often, how do we go about generating the concept for the wrap?

We have developed a system where we can follow up with you about all mock-ups and images proof for your wrap by e-mail. So you can closely follow the development of the wrap from the comfort of your home or office.